A deeply caring, fantastic MD who really really gets kids!  She puts her heart into her work and it clearly shows.  I have known her for nearly 10 years and I appreciate the data she brings to the table, her insight, her experience, and of course her empathy.  I take any advice from her without reservation (and I’m usually someone who does my own research and gets 2nd opinions/etc).  Very highly recommend Dr. Nasta for any new mom, or if you’re looking for a great holistic practitioner for your kids.


Dr Nasta is simply the BEST! As good as it gets! We chose Dr Nasta as our twins’ pediatrician before they were born and loved her right away. At first, however, we were not sure about the 20-30 minute drive to Redwood City. Now, I would drive an hour to have her see my babies! She is incredibly sweet and caring with them and very instructive (and sweet!) with us. As first time parents we were (and still are) pretty clueless about basic things- Dr Nasta always there to reassure us. She is on top of each detail and would call us or email us to check on how the babies are doing. Would not trust my babies to anybody else! Could not recommend her enough!

Pam G.

We are blessed to have Dr Nasta as our kids’ pediatrician, ages 3,5y and 11m, almost since they were both born! She is always smiley and makes the kids feel comfortable before she examines them! She answers all our questions and we love that she responds to emails during the same day, either she is in the office or not!

Maria P.

Dr Tientien Wang has been our pediatrician since my daughter was born. As the first time parents, we tend to be paranoid about every little thing about our baby, but Dr Wang has always been so patient, approachable, and what’s more important, she can always relate to our feelings, not only from a pediatrician perspective but also as a mom herself.  She is very experienced and professional as a pediatrician, giving us guidance on how to deal with different emergencies and non-emergencies very timely and effectively, and referring us to more resources or specialists when needed. We are so lucky to have Dr Wang as our daughter’s pediatric and go through the process with us together, I will definitely choose Dr Wang again for my expected second child.

Han & Jiangwei

We are very fortunate to have Dr Nasta as our pediatrician after trying two other doctors who were not easily approachable for the issues we had for our new born and treated us like case number n. Dr Nasta is very knowledgeable, kind, friendly and very easily accessible. We sent her a message at night 12:00 and she replied in less than 30 mins. She takes a lot of time and interest with her patients and going through kids’ concerns. She herself is a mom of 3 kids and knows most of the kids’ concerns. We really felt we were highly cared for by her practice. Highly recommend her to anyone.

m g.

My 3 children began to receive their pediatric health care from Dr. Nasta for the second time in 2016; we first met the doctor at an integrative practice in San Francisco 8 years ago and were thrilled when we realized our move took us close to her practice in Redwood City. My experience with Dr. Nasta is one where she will provide whatever is needed for a child, when it’s needed. If a day fills up with a rash of sick kiddos, I’m aware she’ll stay at the office seeing patients until 8 at night and her availability over email has been superb. I feel confident about her expertise approach, her sensitivity towards my children as they age and become more self-conscious about their bodies and the list of ideas she always has to overcome a symptom or condition with integrative wisdom.

Kelly W.