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Newborn Tips

There are a lot of simple steps we can take as parents to keep our babies in the healthiest and safest environments. Realizing that taking care of a newborn is overwhelming in itself it is important to know what are the effective, practical, and most important things to consider when preparing for your little one to arrive.

Plastics: Plastics are often used in many baby/child products. It is important to make sure that the plastics you are using are BPA free. Never microwave plastics or wash plastics in the dishwasher as this degrades them and releases toxins.

Feeding: Can use glass bottles to avoid Bisphenol A (carcinogen and hormonal disrupter) or bottles that are BPA free. There are also safe sippy cups you can choose which are stainless steel or BPA free plastic as well. Use silicone nipples or pacifiers as rubber ones leak chemicals over time.

Diaper Area Tips: In the first couple of months the baby’s skin is quite sensitive so it is better to use warm water and a wash cloth/cotton wipes to wipe the baby’s bottom. When you are out carrying fragrance free, or seventh generation wipes is a good idea. Often other types of wipes have parabens, which are linked to cancer. Recommended diaper creams include Waleda Calendula cream or Burt’s Bees. Again a good website to look at is for recommended non toxic baby products.

Useful Newborn Tools: Bulb syringe or Nose Frida (purchase at whole foods or as well as Little Noses saline drops may be used for when your baby is congested. A humidifier is also useful when the baby has a cold. Baby thermometer that can be used both rectally and under the armpit is important. Nail cutter and nail file. Infant Tylenol drops (80mg/0.8ml), Arnica gel for bruises or falls. Small bandaids.

Colic: Colic is usually caused by multiple factors including nervous system immaturity, gut immaturity and the way the baby processes/feels pain. Often begins at 3 weeks and can last until about 12 weeks. The Happiest Baby on the Block is a great book/video to review the ways to help with a colicky baby. In addition 1 teaspoon of warm chamomile tea 2-3x/day can be helpful to calm the baby and very natural and safe. There are many more natural colic remedies that can help which we discuss at our visits.

Neonatal Acne: Flares in the baby’s skin are very common in the first 12 weeks, with neonatal acne starting at about 2-3 weeks. The treatment for neonatal acne is usually just keeping the area clean with warm water. If areas are very inflamed or red please consult the doctor for further advice

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